so I was talking with annie and realized another heart breaking side of makoharu’s fight. you can continue reading if you want to cry yourself to sleep tonight, and if you don’t ship makoharu, don’t waste your time on this and I won’t have to waste any time on you.

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Just let me have him, I want to treat him right


If you ever tell me that Haru doesn’t care about his friendship with Makoto I will fly out to you, punch you in the throat and shove this photoset right up your ass.


Repeat after me:

"Nanase Haruka is not a price."

"Nanase Haruka is not a trophy."

"Nanase Haruka owns his future to nobody."

"Nanase Haruka is not a swimming machine."

"Nanase Haruka is not a measurement tool for anyone."

"Nanase Haruka deserves better."


//aggressively thinks about the snow day track


//aggressively thinks about the snow day track


How to be a football fan:

  • insult the referee like is the last day of your life. this is essential
  • temporarily hate the ones your team are playing against with
  • get pissed the fuck off when one from your team misses a goal
  • insult your own team
  • breathe and say it’s not their fault
  • insult commentators when needed
  • if the match is over and your team won be happy
  • if the other team won tell them to go fuck themselves
  • repeat next time 


Haru’s face is breaking my heart.


well i understand what this series wanted to tell

they wanted to show haru being confused and unsure for his future. they reminded a race from ep1 to explain that he didn’t see his dream from the very beginning.

we would be okay with haru slowly realising what he wants (pro swimming or…

YES TO THIS. Analyzing KyoAni a bit, I think what they were trying to do was that make it look like Haru is the Jesus of swimming, that ultimately, he would realise that his swimming inspires people and that he should show it to the world. This episode emphasizes this exactly. Haru’s supposedly seen that Rin is one of those people who was lifted up by his swimming. Rei and Nagisa expressed the same thing. And I think it should move Haru. This would be his version of swimming for his friends. BUT BUT BUT Even if they were aiming for that, it’s fucking ridiculous. KyoAni did a very poor job on handling Haru. I can’t believe they just shoved going pro up his ass. Haru went through no character development in this season at all, nothing that will convince me that he would ever want to go pro. He succumbed to the pressure before not because he doesn’t have a dream, but because he fucking cannot take the pressure. You can’t think he’ll be able to suddenly take it just because Rin showed him the way. NO NO NO. There’s nothing free about this. Haru isn’t Haru anymore. KYOANI IS BULLSHIT.



IMO I don’t think Haru was ooc or anything in this episode but what I do think is that it was handled poorly. The pacing was very bad and it seemed abrupt because even just last episode he was still agonising over this pressure from people.

Yes it was good to…


"Makoto… don’t go."


"Makoto… don’t go."